A Boy of Summer

The batter is three feet tall. When he bends his knees in preparation for the pitch, he shrinks to two-foot-seven. On the sidelines, mothers in lawn chairs pass out baggies of grapes while fathers in shirtsleeves pace. Fans of the West Boylston Little League Dodgers cheer as the relief pitcher approaches the mound. Read the full story.

The Manny Diaries

Greg Schichtel is the coolest guy at Newton’s Cabot Elementary School. He looks pretty ordinary—faded blue T-shirt, a pudgy belly, dark brown hair that sticks up when he’s sweaty. After five minutes in his presence, though, you know he’s not ordinary at all. Read the full story.

Arts & Design

Carded: Design and Magic Intersect on 52 Small Canvases

Tim Silva owns more than 750 decks of cards. The designer and amateur magician carries a deck everywhere, spending three to four hours a day with cards in his hands. “I sleep with cards under my pillow,” he jokes. Read the full story. 

The Perfect Score: Oscar-winner Howard Shore Recalls His Berklee Days as He Composes His Second Movement

“The world has changed,” Galadriel says, first in Elvish, then in English. The pure tones of a boys’ choir thrum beneath her words, ancient and mysterious against the black screen. In those first moments of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings, sound is everything. Read the full story.

Moonlighting: Jim Forrest

Designer by day, composer by night. Read the full story.

Education & Parenting

The Parent Trap

Sam Seiders and his friend Christopher tear through Sam's living room, past Sam's parents, up the stairs, and into Sam's bedroom, where they commence the big-energy-in-small-space behavior embraced by eight-year-old boys when it's too cold to play outside. Sam's parents, Donna and Jim, are unfazed. Read the full story.

One Corner Turned, A School Nears Another: As President Exits, College Thinks Big

They may speak of librarians, social workers, nurses, and women. The well-informed may know that Simmons is soon to become the only all-women's undergraduate institution in Boston/Cambridge. (Lesley College goes coed this fall.) Art lovers may even know exactly where Simmons is: next to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum on the Fenway, just around the corner from the MFA. Read the full story.


The UX Files: Erik Kennedy

Seattle-based UX and UI designer Erik Kennedy tackles a software suite for high-end hotels. Read the full story.

iPads Educate and Engages Kids with Autism

When people watch Leo Rosa’s fingers tap-slide-tap their way in and out of the mini-worlds contained on his iPad, they notice one thing: This kid knows what he’s doing. “People say, ‘Whoa dude!’” Leo’s mom Shannon Des Roches Rosa told AOL News. “He’s just sitting there using it like a pro, with obvious mastery. He’s just a regular 10-year-old kid.” Read the full story.

Elusive White iPhone Keeps Techies Buzzing

Any old beatnik can throw on the black and call himself “hip,” but white requires a special brand of cool. Think White Album. Think Tom Wolfe. Think iPhone. Read the full story.


Spaced: Fuzzco

Six offices. Nine years. By the time Fuzzco hit office number six, they knew what they wanted in a workspace. Read the full story.


The words "Boston" and "design," when used together, stir up images of antique shops spilling over with Brahmin relics and Pottery Barn proffering sleek reproductions of the same. Happily and successfully nestled among the faded and faux-faded splendor are three designers embracing elements of traditional New England while infusing invigorating jolts of hip. Read the full story.


Island Hopping

Spending the day on a charming New England island doesn't require a flight to Nantucket or a ferry to Martha's Vineyard. Head to Boston Harbor, where you'll find 34 different islands offering history, hiking, picnicking, salt marshes, and beaches. ... Read the full story.

Braving the Cold

As the temperature drops, some thin-blooded Bostonians hunker down for a season inside, vowing to avoid as much of the winter as possible. Though their cheeks may never sting from the whipping wind, these sorry souls who scurry from house to car to office without lifting their heads bypass what can be an exquisite time of year in Boston. ... Read the full story.


Neglected Horse is Secretariat's Great-Great-Granddaughter

Elizabeth Parker stops her car to help slow-moving turtles cross the road. She finds homes for stray kittens and frees baby hawks trapped in the loft of her barn. When the St. Louis wedding planner and mother of two saw the skinny, run-down horse at an auction in rural Missouri this summer, she knew she’d found her next project. ... Read the full story.

Kraft Cements His Love for the Old Alma Mater

Robert Kraft's hands have pressed down into history. Brookline High School, alma mater of the NFL's winningest owner, has instituted a Hollywood-esque Walk of Fame, complete with concrete handprints. Kraft, "Bobby" to his peers in the BHS class of 1959, is the walk's first inductee. ... Read the full story.


A Healthy Cup of Coffee (originally appeared in Taste for Life magazine)

Those of us who drink a few of the 1.1 billion cups of coffee consumed each day describe our habit as a guilty pleasure. This aromatic beverage is often lumped with alcohol and cigarettes in the bad-for-you-but-legal category, and it's been blamed for ills ranging from fibrocycstic breasts to cancer. But the roughly 19,000 coffee studies conducted in the past few decades suggest that coffee conveys numerous benefits upon those who partake. ... Read the full story.  

Natural Headache Relief

Most headaches can be classified into three major types: cluster, migraine, and tension headaches. A natural approach, combining preventive and pain relieving measures, can help. ... Read the full story.


They Might Be Giants

All eyes are on King Perry (6 feet, 9 inches) as he strides through the ballroom at the Holiday Inn in Newton. He’s Bunyanesque, a tall drink of water even in this roomful of highballs. To a short sip like me (5-4), Perry’s wide, friendly face is a distant moon, all the more so since I’m sitting. ... Read the full story.