x100: Armpit Tattoos


The other day I texted Emily, or maybe Emily texted me. We started with mundane-I-can't-remember. We ended with armpit tattoos.

Wherever Emily and I start, we always end at Ridiculous. Every thread begins at Normal, and ends at WTFing Bonkers.

We ourselves don't have armpit tattoos. But once we got there via text, I had to go further. Things I learned:

• There are 7,000+ Instagram photos hashtagged #armpittattoos.

• Armpit tattoos REALLY HURT.

• Objects people have tattooed in their armpits include strawberries, toadstools, bees, spiderwebs, and hummingbirds.

My favorites? Jack Nicholson, and a broken cookie with a fortune reading "YOU STINK!"