Stone Bridge Pizza

M and E bookended my yesterday — longtime friends (30 and 29 years, respectively), longtime New Yorkers (23 and 15 years).

M is my entrée into New York canine society. We rambled Central Park while her dog and his pals rumbled, marked tree trunks, and sampled vile delicacies.

W and I met E and her bf – also E! – at Stone Bridge Pizza. Excellent company and tasty, if floppy, pizza of the Neopolitan variety, made with ingredients grown at Stone Bridge's upstate farm. And quick! And near Bryant Park, with its lovely London plane trees, and NYPL's famous lions, Patience and Fortitude.

Current Rankings

1.     Grimaldi's, DUMBO, Astoria, Queens

2.     Napoli, Astoria, Queens

3.     Stone Bridge, Midtown, Manhattan

4.     L&B Spumoni Gardens, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

5.     Famous Amadeus, Times Square(ish), Manhattan

6.     Don Antonio's, Times Square, Manhattan