"The best thing to do is to make a book that you feel proud of, even if the thought of seeing it in the world makes you feel odd or scared. Everything else will fall into place." — Dorothea Lasky

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Mrs. Jablowski finds nothing poetic about the body. She considers feet particularly prosaic. Heels bear vulgar cracks. The largest toes resemble the thumbs of a thick man. The stubbiest toes remind her of the fat grubs Mr. Jablowski digs out of his vegetable garden. Mr. Jablowski's feet are especially troublesome, with hard yellowing nails and far too much fuzz, like the feet of those little Hobbits in the movies she took her grandson to. Unlike Mr. Jablowski's, their feet were cute.

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"We very much wanted to interweave our documents and discoveries with a story that would capture the readers' imagination and their interest." - Emma Claire Sweeney

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