Elizabeth J. Church wanted to explore women's bodies, "how in our culture they've been abused, reviled, dishonored, glorified, objectified … all of those things," she told Spine. "The best vehicle I could think of was a Vegas showgirl."

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Mrs. Jablowski finds nothing poetic about the body. She considers feet particularly prosaic. Heels bear vulgar cracks. The largest toes resemble the thumbs of a thick man. The stubbiest toes remind her of the fat grubs Mr. Jablowski digs out of his vegetable garden. Mr. Jablowski's feet are especially troublesome, with hard yellowing nails and far too much fuzz, like the feet of those little Hobbits in the movies she took her grandson to. Unlike Mr. Jablowski's, their feet were cute.

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"I was fascinated by the idea of reversing the colonial process, and having it be an African country. The parking lot … could that be the beginning of an empire?" - Nafkote Tamirat

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Head straight down the strip near my airport,
lined with liquor store lots half-emptied of cars,
bottles and people with sun-bleached labels,
greased arches and a florist with a garden azoic. 

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"Initially I started writing this as nonfiction. I felt an obligation to get it right. By that, I mean I wanted to represent everybody I served with. I wanted to capture the experience in a way that they would recognize, not just at face value, but emotionally. I didn't want to take liberties with their experiences." - Will Mackin