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Susanna Baird lives in Salem, Massachusetts.
She writes with many pens.
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Lost Was How Everybody Said It

Albert Ducharme lost his fingers, they said. Pointer on his right hand, lost. The one just next to it, also lost, though there Albert still had a stub that wiggled when he waved. His couple older grandkids laughed to see it but the smallest, called Little Al after Albert himself, yipped and hid his face behind his mother.

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Can’t Wait to Read! Not sure if you heard the news, but 50 years back astronauts set foot on the moon. The historic landing is all over the everything, and moon-related, Apollo-11-centric books abound. I love a theme, and I love seeing all the spacey titles arranged together in bookstore windows and on end-aisle displays. But also, these books are nonfiction and I crave fiction, so I've created my own themed display below; six recent fiction titles to send me (and you!) racing into space.

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