I’ve never met another writer that can turn the most mundane copy situations into poetic, humorous, clever, and interesting prose. That’s not a skill you can learn. Susanna’s ability to jump in and quickly understand a topic or person or community and then turn around and produce wonderfully solid work is something that I was continually amazed by when working with her on Dribbble content. She’s really a secret weapon.

Dan Cederholm
Co-founder, Dribbble

Susanna is incredibly creative and completely reliable. A total pro! 

Eric Wilder
Editor, Spine Magazine


Susanna is the best writer/editor I have supervised. She combines strong writing skills with top-notch professional skills, making her a great colleague. Her ability to be prolific without sacrificing quality is rare and invaluable on projects. Most importantly, her writing is enjoyable to read!

Andrew Rapp
Editor, South End News

Susanna helped us with the content for our website. She was not only easy to work with but she is a really talented writer. She helped translate our design ideas and process for each project into compelling case studies that brings a really fun voice and personality to our site.

Megan Fox Taylor
Founder and Art Director, Notch Interactive