Batwoman #9 (from The Batmom May 2012)

COVERGIRLReminds me a little of Supergirl 9, what with the circles, but also makes me think of the radar on a submarine. That image helped along by the sea creature in the corner.

There’s this move the over-caffeinated exercise teacher at the Y makes us do, where we stretch our arms back and push our shoulder blades together. I used to think we looked like chickens doing it, but now I know we look like Batwoman on the cover of issue 9.

Or maybe Batwoman looks like a chicken, too.

Bok bok bok kablammie!

INSIDE STORY: Via flashback, Kate & Sune & Agent Chase continue their efforts to bring down Medusa via head honcho Falchion, who by day pretends he’s a yachting playboy. Kate snags an invite to an on-boat gala he’s hosting. She ditches her date, Detective Sawyer, to rummage through Falchion things with Sune, who Falchion still believes is working for him/Medusa. Mid-rummage Sune, in a rather sideways fashion, admits to a crush on Kate.

Following? There’s more!

Back the the hospital, where Kate’s cousin Bette, aka Teen Titan Flamebird, goes into cardiac arrest as her uncle, Kate’s estranged dad Jake, watches in horror.

In the “now” portion of issue 9, Batwoman stars in some gorgeous art while going head-to-head with Falchion, who stabs Sune. As she lay dying or doing what looks a lot like dying but may be just suffering from a dramatic but nonfatal flesh wound, she kisses Batwoman. On the Batlips.

RAMBLE: Batwoman is action packed. As of issue 9, I’m going to go out on a gargoyle’s limb and say too action packed.

The “chapters” of issue #9, in order:


1 Week Ago

2 Weeks Ago

3 Nights Ago

4 Days Ago

3 Nights Ago


Chronological whiplash, right?

I love flashbacks, and I have great respect for the comic book artist who fills relatively few pages with relatively complex narrative. But I found myself losing the thread here.

Wait, what? We’re where? When? Did that just happen? Or has it not happened yet? Will it happen? When?

I love this book’s art, its story, its characters, its superhero. Had I not been trying to so hard to tease apart the narrative tangle, I might have been able to fully enjoy them.


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