Me Me Me (from The Batmom January 2012)

(I spent a year writing and reading Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman and Supergirl - all from DC's New 52 group. The years ended, the blog ended, I'm moving select posts from TheBatmom over here for safekeeping.)

When I was 8, my mother told the hairdresser to give me a Dorothy Hamill cut. You’ll look perky, she promised. Dorothy Hamill’s hair is as thick and bouncy as her thigh muscles during the Hamill camel. Mine is as thin and limp as corn silk after a thunderstorm.

When I was 8 plus 30 minutes for a haircut, I did look like a Hamill.

Mark Hamill.

Other things Comic Book Mom has suggested: I dress as a hunter for Halloween (16 yo); I join the Young Republicans to “meet people” (22 yo); I stop fretting in the kitchen and go have a drink (Thanksgiving 2011; sometimes she hits it out of the park).

I ignored (and love!) my wonderful mother, you ignored (and love!) your wonderful mother, and my daughter will ignore (and love!) wonderful me. If I like Wonder Woman, my daughter will swear fidelity to Catwoman. If I suggest comics, she’ll head straight for The Clique.

So this search is mine. If she likes my to-be-anointed-super superheroine? Bonus.