Wonder Woman #11 (from The Batmom July 2012)

COVERGIRL: A small foot twisted atop my new Wonder Woman, tearing Zola’s left leg in two. Should I go buy another copy, or let this stand as testament to 1) my children’s ability to destroy; and 2) my own stupidity in leaving my beloved Wonder Woman open to injury?  

Actually, the tear on the bottom left provides a visual response to the lightning bolt shooting out from Wonder Woman’s golden weapon on the upper right. So perhaps the owner of the small, tearing foot is a genius artist, soon to embark upon a raging career ensuring their mother a spot in a chi-chi retirement home.

The presence of three major female characters on the cover makes me happy. They are a contrasting crew; none alike but all together.

Wonder Woman looks lifted from a 1930s Olympics poster. “Now throwing the shot-put for the Amazons … .”

INSIDE STORY: Gaga Strife returns home to mummy Hera, who’s offering up the throne recently vacated by Zeus in exchange for ... Zeus. Rather, the baby in Zola's stomach who, we have been led to believe, is Zeus.

Power-thirsty Artemis joins forces with crown-craving Apollo and kidnaps Zola, fatally wounding Lennox in the process. Zola delivered, Hera tells Apollo the throne is his. Wonder Woman and Hermes show up and beg to differ.

RAMBLE: Good read, what with the godly machinations and Apollo slinging a pregnant woman under his mighty arm.

You know what I appreciate about Diana, every issue? Diana is large. She’s always been large, and I love the visual/physical fact of her size.

The other superheroines are extremely muscular and athletic, but Diana is the only one who has to shop at LongTallSally.com.

 Diana's lithe sister Strife possesses the skinny boyish figure so often celebrated in glossies, but in this book, we celebrate the largest woman in the bunch.

Next month DC releases origin issues for its New 52 books, offering up backstories for its revamped superheroes. With this issue, numbered 0, I arrive at a year's worth of comic books.

I’d like to push at least one of my superheroines aside and pick up a thing or two new, perhaps Birds of Prey or something from Marvel. Supergirl’s my likely target.

Unless I’m so re-disgusted by that Catwoman cover, I have to toss her out in protest.