Wonder Woman #6 (from The Batmom March 2012)

COVERGIRL: Meh. Not yuck. Just meh. Let’s see what my kids think:

Comic Book Son, Age 6.5: I like it and on every cover I think it describes what happens in the story.

(So what is happening in this story?) It looks like she’s fighting a giant dinosaur black polar bear. I think it’s cool.

(Do you like Wonder Woman?) I don’t really read about her a lot.

(Why not?) Because I’ve got a lot into Young Justice and Batman and I’m starting to wonder about Superman and Green Lantern.

(Who is your favorite female superhero?) I don’t have any favorites. I don’t read female superheroes.

(Why not?) Because I don’t. There is a woman in Young Justice.

(Who?) Miss Martian. She can fly and she can turn invisible and she can do shapeshifting.

(Can you come up with another female superhero?) In Tiny Titans I like Batgirl because she’s a kid. She doesn’t really do anything.

Comic Book Daughter, Age 4:  (Do you like this cover?) No. But I do like Supergirl.

(Why don’t you like this cover?) Because it has a red eye.

(What’s happening in this picture?) Wonder Woman is opening a giant poo-poo head’s mouth.

(Do you like WW?) Yes. I like Supergirl better.

(Why?) Because in this picture WW doesn’t have a cape and Supergirl has a cape.

 (What about cool things she can do?) I do like how her magic lasso can make people tell the truth. Can I go back in and watch tv?

INSIDE STORY: Diana and her brother Lennox convince their uncles Poseidon and Hades to share Zeus’ crown, vacated when he disappeared, presumably into Zola’s belly. Poseidon can rule heaven by day, Hades by night. Same-same! The brothers share the heavens plus the bone-us Diana tosses them: They share Hera, their befeathered sister-in-law.

Diana and Lennox entice ever-raging Hera into the discussion, whereupon Diana blinds her in the name of protecting Zola and her unborn Zeus-spawn, aka Zeus (confusing).

Hades and Poseidon give up the game, or so Diana and Lennox think until they discover Zola wandering starry-eyed toward her mother. Who is dead.


Yes. Mom morphs into Hades, grabs Zola, and tells Diana he won’t give her back until Diana engineers the time-share of heaven she earlier proposed.

RAMBLE: Still missing Cliff Chiang, but great story. Also, funny words once again spurting from the spurned mouth of mad-both-ways-mad woman Hera, she who coined the alliterative gem “Cockless Coop” to describe Paradise Island in issue 2.

“Heaven has left his (Zeus’) throne wanting an ass to warm it. And though both of you certainly qualify in that regard, neither of you measure up to mine.”

Quippy clever, and the more so considering she’s naked except for the feathers. I couldn’t stay wry with my cha-chas unfettered.

In fact, Hera’s personality shines through stronger than Wonder Woman’s this issue. While speech-sparing Diana’s never been one for expounding, she certainly delivers her superhero's share of dialogue.

Perhaps she got lost for the action … fun and fighty action to be sure. Perhaps I’m pining for Chiang’s Diana. Or perhaps the creators once again have allowed the story to be the star. Although while the narrative shared double-billing with Diana in issue #1, here it pushes her to the background.