Something I Noticed (from The Batmom January 2012)

Something I Noticed

When my son reads his "practice reading at home" books to me at night, he reads the words, then spends time looking at the pictures before turning the page.

When I read a comic book, I barely look at the pictures my first read-through. I suck up the words, skipping from one black-and-white bubble to the next, eager to inhale the story.

This is a fault. I’m going to try and be more patient and take in the image with the word.

It’s like eating M&Ms and corn nuts. It takes a little more effort to mix them together, but when the salty and the sweet meet in your mouth … manna from 7-Eleven.

Tonight I’m reading Batgirl #5 and I’m going to mix the pictures and the words together. And then I will achieve comic book umami.