Batwoman #6 (from The Batmom February 2012)

COVERGIRL: Love the closeup. Bold, like Batwoman. Agitated hands on temples efficiently express 1) extreme angst; 2) intense focus; 3) bad hangover; or 4) Slurpee headache.

INSIDE STORY: Detective Sawyer gets chewed out by a grief-stricken parent, who claims Sawyer doesn’t understand loving a child because she’s gay. Jake Kane reads to unconscious Flamebird. Llorona myth is revisited. Kate refuses to share personal info. with her new GF Sawyer. Batwoman and Agent Chase kick ass, seeking Llorona’s young victims.

RAMBLE: Divvying up the book into character-focused sections (e.g. “Kate’s Story,” “Chase’s Story”) makes for streamlined consumption of gross quantity of narrative information.